Spray Organichna for dogs for toilet training

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100 ml.
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The lotion is designed to teach puppies and adult dogs to specially equipped toilets animals places. The natural essential oil of mint included in the composition draws the attention of the animal to the necessary place. Attractant (scent) of dog urine stimulates the dog to be emptied just in the place that the owner chooses.
Method of application: apply a small amount of lotion on a diaper or piece of paper and put it in a place that the animal should use for the toilet, repeat the procedure until the animal is fully trained, updating the diaper or piece of paper after each emptying.
Contraindications and precautions: if the substance gets on the mucous membranes, it should be immediately washed off with plenty of water, if necessary, repeat the procedure. Lotion should be kept out of the reach of children.

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