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    There are several hypotheses about the origin of the dog, the most likely ancestors of the dog are the wolf and some types of jackals. The origin of the dog from the wolf is indicated by the complex results of a comparative analysis of chromosomes, behavior, morphology, vocalization and the results of molecular genetic analysis.
    Adult dogs
    Digestion occurs in dogs using other than a human set of enzymes, it is adapted to a slow processing large pieces of food (meat) or no concentrated liquid food. Only proper feeding, a balanced diet, will allow you to grow exactly the kind of dog you dreamed about.
    Older dogs
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    The growth of puppies occurs quite intensively in the first months of life, the structure, nutrition undergo many changes. And this time of puppies growth is considered the most important in its development and formation, so you need to do everything right and, most importantly, on time!
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