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    A cat, or a domestic cat (lat. Félis silvéstris cátus), is a pet, one of the most popular (along with the dog) "companion animals." Currently, there are about 600 million domestic cats in the world, about 200 breeds are bred, from longhair (Persian cat) to hairless (Sphinxes) recognized and registered by various felinological organizations.
    Adult cats
    Adult domestic cats normally weigh from 2 to 8 kg, an average of 3.5 kg. All other structural features vary greatly - the shape of the head and muzzle, the length of the legs, body and tail, and the size of the ears. The life expectancy of cats is often exaggerated, but many cases are reliably known when they survived to 20 years. However, the usual life span of a cat is 10-15 years.
    The growth of kittens occurs quite intensively in the first months of life, the structure, nutrition undergo many changes. And this time of kitten growth is considered the most important in its development and formation, so you need to do everything right and, most importantly, on time!
    Older cats
    The oldest cat in the world lived in Texas to 30 years. This age of pets has not been surprising for a long time: veterinarians say that in Ukraine, almost 60 percent of domestic cats are over seven years old. But caring for old animals requires more attention and accuracy.
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