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    The added nutrition of oven-baked pet foods
    #cats  #dogs  #food  #health  #nutrition  

    Science News Brief 2017-01: The added nutrition of oven-baked pet foods By Sophie Lavallée M.Sc., Agr.   The benefits of oven baking Oven baking dog and cat foods is a…

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    Legumes are the new ingrediet category in cat and dog food

    By Sophie Lavallée M.Sc., Agr.   A new ingredient category has recently made its way to cat and dog food products: legumes such as peas, chickpeas and lentils. Many legumes…

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    Do you know how your dog food is made?
    #food  #nutrition  

    Extruded Pet Food While the extrusion process was initially used to create puffed cereals, it has become a staple in the pet food industry. Extrusion is an easy and efficient…

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    Important role of essential minerals in pet nutrition
    #cats  #dogs  #health  #nutrition  

    By Sophie Lavallée M.Sc., Agr.   Dietary studies on pet nutrition provide a lot of information on vital nutrients like protein, fiber, amino acids and fat, but you don’t hear…

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